With great power comes great responsibility.

And with great leaders come great teams, with increased motivation, heightened productivity, and better relationships all round. Leadership training equips your leaders with the skills and tools to guide the business through any challenge and towards every opportunity.

Give me the Elevator Pitch

Great leaders know there’s a crucial difference between managing a business and leading people. Because people don’t need to be ‘managed’. They need to be motivated, inspired, understood, challenged, looked after, and guided. That’s what great leaders do.

Our Leadership Development programme is one of SA’s most comprehensive, and enhances your management team’s emotional intelligence and communication skills. The highly practical and interactive programme covers a wide range of topics, including the crucial 4 Ms of Leadership: Modelling, Motivating, Monitoring, and Multiplying. With this knowledge, leaders are able to build the positive, respectful, high-performing environment every company aims for.

Course Content

The programme is packed with essential learnings for leaders, including:

The 4 Ms of Leadership

The McCormick Way for transforming good leaders
to great leaders

Motivating and guiding teams

Communication and
collaboration essentials

Creating a powerful
company culture

Who is this programme for?

Leaders at every level will benefit from the training, including executive management, senior management, heads of departments, team leaders, supervisors, and promising future leaders.

Anything else I should know?

The training is designed as a series of highly engaging, interactive workshops and discussions. However, the programme is fully customisable based on your needs, budget, and schedule.

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