A happy customer is a loyal customer.

In this highly competitive business environment, it’s no easy task to win over a customer. And once you do, there’s the challenge of keeping them. Customer experience training helps your business deliver a world-class customer experience, at every stage, in every interaction. 

Give me the Elevator Pitch

What truly sets a business apart is often not its product – but its service. Professional, efficient, and engaging customer care increases customer satisfaction, which translates directly to a rise in profit.

Our Customer Experience programme helps your business improve customer experience across your value chain. Your internal and external teams learn valuable skills and tools to speedily and empathetically manage customer complaints, handle queries and escalations, all while saving themselves time, energy, and stress.

Course Content

The programme is packed with essential customer experience insights, including:

Developing a competitive edge in the market

De-escalating tension and managing complaints

Understanding customer needs and frustrations

Improving the customer experience across the value chain

Tangible methods for increasing customer satisfaction and profits

Who is this programme for?

Anyone in the business who interacts with customers will benefit from the training, including customer service management, call centre and telesales, project management, internal and external sales, transport and delivery personnel.

Anything else I should know?

The training is designed as a series of highly engaging, interactive workshops and discussions. The programme is fully customisable based on your needs, budget, and schedule. It works particularly well in tandem with the Sales and Leadership Development programmes.

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