An essential course for building strong sales foundations

Don’t know how to start prospecting? Or how to develop a Kaizen culture? This is a short, comprehensive crash course in sales basics and so much more. These essential tools of the trade  will help sales representatives start a successful career in the industry.

Give me the Elevator Pitch

Every success story starts somewhere. And every professional started with the basics to build a solid foundation for future growth. Sales fundamentals such as creating a Kaizen culture, power-base consulting, value creation, and pipeline management, can help you develop and strengthen key selling skills, critical for delivering consistently good results. Become a highly skilled and motivated sales professional by going back to basics and getting the fundamentals right.

Course Content

The course is packed with essential learnings for leaders, including:

Developing a Kaizen culture

Effective pre- and post-meeting strategies

Developing a sales mindset

Shifting from selling to value creation

Creating powerful proposals

Course details:

Designed for: Junior sales representatives or more experienced sales people who want a refresher on the fundamentals.

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