10 techniques to manage your time like a pro

Time and money are the two resources no one ever has enough of. But learning how to make the most of your time can directly translate into financial gains. Instead of feeling like the day is running away with you, you can learn proven methods to seize every day.

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Less stress. More focus. And all the important work gets done. How does that sound? This short, effective course covers all the essential skills and techniques of time management, including: overcoming procrastination, identifying priority tasks and time wasters, responsible delegation, and action planning for the day, week, or even month ahead. Achieve maximum output by taming the most valuable resource you have – time.

Course Content

The course covers the 10 techniques of effective time management:

Less stress, more focus

Achieving maximum output

Reducing effort in completing tasks

Becoming proactive

Identifying time wasters

Overcoming procrastination

Prioritising tasks

Reducing distraction

Effective delegation

Productivity planning

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Designed for: All teams and individuals

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