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What is sales, CX, and leadership training?

Think corporate training is all about boring seminars and silly exercises that never work in real life? Sure, if it’s done wrong. But done right, corporate training is insightful, practical, and even fun – the opposite of death by PowerPoint.


Sales Training Program 

Our sales training gives your team vital tools for closing any sale. It helps them gain a deeper understanding of the sales experience, identify customer pain points, articulate how your product or service alleviates customer frustrations, create excitement, and close the sale.

Leadership Training Program

Our Leadership Development programme is one of SA’s most comprehensive and enhances your management team’s emotional intelligence and communication skills. The highly practical and interactive programme covers a wide range of topics, including the crucial 4 Ms of Leadership: Modelling, Motivating, Monitoring, and Multiplying. With this knowledge, leaders are able to build the positive, respectful, high-performing environment every company aims for.

Customer Experience Training Program

Our Customer Experience programme helps your business improve customer experience across your value chain. Your internal and external teams learn valuable skills and tools to speedily and empathetically manage customer complaints, handle queries and escalations, all while saving themselves time, energy, and stress.

And it’s all done through highly engaging, interactive, and customisable training programmes and short courses.

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