A crash course in sales essentials.

Don’t know how to lift your closing ratio? Or how to survive in a VUCA world? This short, intense course covers these sales basics, and so much more. These essential tools of the trade will help your business bolster customer retention and boost organisational performance.

Give me the Elevator Pitch

Nothing sells itself. And no one is born an expert sales person. By learning sales fundamentals such as creating a Kaizen culture, power-base consulting, value creation and pipeline management, and what exactly is a VUCA world and how to thrive in it, your sales teams are equipped with the insights and tools they need to consistently meet their targets – and exceed them.

Course Content

The course is packed with essential learnings for effective selling, including:

Developing a Kaizen culture

Improving closing ratios

Developing a sales process

Effective pipeline management

Creating powerful proposals

Course details:

Designed for: Junior sales representatives or more experienced sales people who want a refresher on the fundamentals 

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