A powerful step-by-step process to developing healthy pipelines

One of the most challenging aspects of sales is constantly finding new business. You might be lucky today. You might not. But with a proven process, broken down into easy-to-follow steps and practical advice, you won’t have to rely on luck to find quality leads. 

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It’s one short course that teaches you the 6 vital steps to securing new business through prospecting. You’ll learn how to create a qualified effective database, how to turn ‘suspects’ into ‘prospects’ with an 80% success rate, how to make contact and cold calls without being awkward, and how to develop a personalised prospecting strategy that will never let you down.

Course Content

The course covers the 6 steps of effective prospecting:

Developing a focused, disciplined approach to prospecting

Creating a qualified database

Effective methodologies for making contact

Strategies for nailing appointments and making cold calls

Effective time and activity management

Developing a personalised prospecting strategy

Course details:

Designed for: All sales representatives, including sales directors, sales managers, team leaders, and sales people.

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